Nuevo proyecto anti-imperialista de Full Dollar, Inc. en Nueva York, 2013

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X. Andrade, Chairman-for-Life of Full Dollar, Inc. have joined the attorneys with the law firms of Emery Celli Brinckerhoff & Abady LLP and Weiss & Hiller PC in order to serve as class representatives for a lawsuit in the New York State Supreme Court on behalf of visitors to the Metropolitan Museum of Art [the Met] who paid a fee either (1) to enter the museum or (2) to become a member of the museum, even though, by law, admission to the Met, on most days of the week, should be free of charge.

The attorneys found that I, X. Andrade, have paid a fee to enter the Met in October of  2012. However, under the Mets Lease Agreement with the City of New York, and Chapter 476 of the Laws of 1893, the Met is obligated to admit for free all members of the general public to the Mets exhibition halls for five days, and two evenings, per week. We believe that the Met may have violated my rights by deceptively leading me to believe that I was required to pay a fee in order to enter the museum, and then subsequently paid this fee, even though it was not required and admission should have been free.

The lawyers contacted me because they received the results of a survey that I participated in outside the Met in October of 2012. In that survey, I indicated that I (1) paid a fee to enter the museum, (2) understood the payment to be an admission fee, (3) thought I was required to pay something to enter the museum, (4) was not aware that the general public is entitled to free admission on most days of the week, and (5) consented to being contacted in the future for follow-up.

Since then, X. Andrade on behalf of Full Dollar Inc, has become a class representative in this lawsuit. Being a class representative takes very little time, and may entitle me to compensation over and above any damages that I am entitled to based on the unlawful admission fee that I paid ($25).


Frequently Asked Questions


What Is a Class Action?

We intend to ask the judge in this lawsuit to allow the case to proceed as a “class action.”  Class actions are lawsuits brought by one (or a few) individual(s) on behalf of all who are similarly situated.  One person, who is called the “class representative,” can sue on behalf of a group of individuals who paid an admission fee to the museum without knowing this fee was optional.  These other individuals can then share in the benefits of any settlement or judgment achieved by the class representative.  Class actions avoid repetitious litigation by determining the claim once, as opposed to many times.  Class actions can also help individuals by providing strength in numbers and protection by attorneys skilled and knowledgeable in this area of the law.


Do I Have to Pay Attorneys’ Fees?

No.  In class actions such as these, the individual class representatives and class members are not responsible for attorneys’ fees.  The attorneys get paid only if there is a recovery on behalf of the class.  All fees and costs are taken out of the common fund generated by settlement in or judgment for the case.  In class actions, the judge determines the amount of the fees the attorneys will recover and must also approve the costs.


Do I Have to Participate as a Class Representative?


No.  In addition to class representatives, we are seeking information from individuals who (1) paid an admission fee to the Met without knowing that admission is free, or (2) paid a membership fee to the Met without knowing that admission is free.

If you would like to be a part of this action, if you happen to have been in NYC lately and actually paid an admission fee to get to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, have information that would be helpful in bringing this action, or want additional information without obligation, please contact Full Dollar, Inc.


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